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Get Personalized – Holiday Keyword Data for Etsy

Now is the Time to Prepare for the Next Holiday Season Okay, you probably just put away the tree and are not ready to think about the next Christmas season. However, if you're an Etsy seller and want to bring in big dollars this holiday season, NOW is the time to...

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Get Printables – Keyword Data: Zazzle, Etsy & TPT

Jump to the keyword dataAbundant Keyword Opportunities for Digital Sellers Most Corjl sellers offer a variety of digital items - printables that customers can instantly edit, download and print. The Corjl platform is perfectly suited for printable items because of...

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19 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Advertising in 2019

Advertising on Facebook can be extremely profitable, but it can be very costly with little return if not done right. This article will cover how to place Facebook advertising and 19 tips for maximizing your return! Create a Marketing Plan Based on Objectives Facebook...

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Top 5 Tools for Etsy Sellers

    Managing an Etsy is Business is NOT Easy   From creating products to taking photos and answering questions to personalizing products and finally shipping orders, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into running your business. Not to mention, props to...

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The Corjl Story

How We Got Started Etsy is home to millions of buyers and sellers who are looking to either purchase or sell creative products. It’s home to nearly two million creative entrepreneurs who work hard to make their business a success. One of the most time-consuming things...

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