How to Market Your Small Business in Your Everyday Routine

June 16, 2020

Big dollar marketing campaigns are not the only way to market your own business. 

Here are five ways to market your small business in your everyday routine.


1. Keep a Business Card with you everywhere

When you create a business card you are showing professionalism and credibility to your business and telling the world you are serious about your endeavors.  You never know when you could run into a potential client and need to hand out your business card.  Whether you are at the movies, a coffee shop, a grocery store, or a friend’s birthday party, it is always better to be prepared and have your business on your mind- especially when you just start out.


2. Network

Reaching out to others and letting them know what services you offer is very valuable.  You can network online through social media groups. Find a Facebook group that revolves around your business, skills or hobby and network within that Facebook Community. If networking to new people seems daunting, start small and network within your own friend group.  All it takes is for one friend to refer you to another friend and the referrals will bloom from there.



    3. Offer Incentives for Referrals

As a small business you may not be able to offer huge incentives right away, but you can start small.  Offer 10% off an item when a referral is made from a current customer. Include an add-on (up to a certain price if you wish) if they refer more than 3 people.  Create your own referral program unique to your business, customers will continue to show their loyalty if they are receiving something in return for their work.



4. Work With Other Small Businesses

Reaching out to other small businesses can help with inventory, business management and even widen your customer base.  Oftentimes companies will agree to sponsor or advertise other companies in return for their own positive word of mouth from your business.  This is free advertising and you have created a business partnership.



5. Keep the content coming!

Constantly working on content to build up your social media presence can be done every day.  Making posts showing your customers what you are up to and how the business is going helps your business to be personable and shows there are actual people working hard behind the business.



Growing a business can be tough, but keeping these tips in mind every day will help make marketing become second nature to you and will aid in promoting your business!