What can Corjl do for you?

Corjl is a powerful online editing tool that allows customers to edit personalized items.

Customers love the experience, because it’s easy to use, and they are able to personalize right after purchasing. Sellers love using Corjl, because it virtually elimates back-and-forth messaging and the proofing process, thus giving sellers more time to grow their business.

We want you to enjoy buying and selling personalized products, because it empowers creativity and entrepreneurship. And that’s what we’re all about.

Corjl is Mobile Friendly

Digital Design Sellers

Digital or printed designs include the following:

– Invitations
– Tags
– Banners, etc.

Physical Product Sellers

Personalized Physical Items include the following:

– T-shirts
– Mugs
– Gifts, etc.

testimonial 2

To say that Corjl has opened my schedule and provided me with free time is an understatement. I not only have more time to create new designs, but I have time for me and my family! Aside from the additional free time that Corjl has provided me, the team at Corjl is unbelievable. The customer service is top-notch! Corjl has truly changed my life, and daily I say, Thank goodness for Corjl!

– Prints by MA Design

Testimonial 3

So far, I’ve sold over 10,000 items using Corjl and my customers love it, but the best part is that my email workload has nearly vanished! For the first time ever, I enjoyed a stress-free weekend at Disneyland with my family without worrying about email or checking my phone all day. Corjl is helping me earn more, making customers happier and has lowered my stress.

– Arctic Party

Testimonial 4

Before integrating with Corjl, my days were mostly spent creating proofs, emailing customers, awaiting their approval, and then emailing them the print-ready files. That’s all time I would have much rather spent dreaming up and creating new designs. Since Corjl came into my life, my dreams are a reality. Since Corjl is such an intuitive application that customers can easily use, I get to spend more time doing what I love; creating new designs and growing my business.

– Miss Pok-a-Dot


Up until late 2019, my editable products were customizable in Adobe Reader (as fillable forms), which is very limited. Corjl helped build my confidence in my products so I could really go for it and list more items with the look I wanted. My sales have gone up dramatically these past months. While some of it is due to experience and polishing my listings, I believe part of it is because of offering Corjl products.

– Greengate Images

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