See how Corjl works

Create awesome, editable templates with Corjl. Whether you sell digital or physical products, Corjl automates the personalization process and inspires creativity and action from customers. It makes designing more profitable and buying more enjoyable and convenient.


Upload your own licensed graphics and fonts, and create designs on Corjl. You control which items can be personalized.


Sell items in your shop. Your customers can then access their designs through email or at


Customers personalize their purchased items.


Use customer’s finished designs to make and ship their items, or allow customers to download and print their own.

You do the creating and let your customers personalize

You retain full control over what elements your customers can edit. You can also select the printing formats and outputs available to your customers, from printing their own digital items to you printing and shipping their approved proofs.

Designer view helps protect your proprietary product creation and gives you FULL control

Customer view is also versatile, but is limited to only the essentials and is mobile friendly

Corjl allows your business to grow and be more profitable

Create New Designs Quickly

Using the Corjl editor is simple and intuitive. Bulk upload elements into the platform and start creating.

Choose What’s Editable

You choose what design elements can be edited. This makes the personalization process simple.

Process Orders Accurately

Quickly and accurately process personalized orders or allow customers to process their own. No more back and forth messaging gives you and your customers peace of mind with this online editor.

Want to work less, earn more and make customers happy?

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