Create or Personalize Self-Editable Proofs

With Corjl, there is no waiting for digital items or personalized product proofs. Customers can edit quickly on their mobile device or computer. Try it now!

Edit a Purchased Item


Thousands of customers have used the Corjl platform so far and love the experience because they are able to personalize right after purchasing and it’s easy to use.

Sellers love using Corjl because it virtually eliminates messaging, emailing and proof creation. We want you to enjoy buying and selling personalized products because it empowers entrepreneurship and creativity. And that’s what we’re all about.

If you’re an ambitious Etsy seller and use marketing tools including Etsy Promoted Listings, chances are Corjl is the perfect tool to help you take your shop to the next level.

Sign up today for a 7-day free trial to demo the platform. We know you and your customers will love the Corjl experience.

What Does Corjl Do Exactly?

It’s a handy platform that connects to Etsy shops for self-editing.

Edit your info just the way you like it, then mark it “Complete”. Your seller will be notified to start processing your order. If you have purchased a digital item, personalize then download immediately.

Here’s what other customers are saying about Corjl:


Personalized Products

Corjl is a powerful platform that dramatically improves the process of selling and buying personalized products. Customers can instantly personalize their own physical and digital product info.

Corjl is also an editor and visualization platform, so no proofs or back-and-forth messaging is needed. Once an order has been placed, Corjl streamlines the personalization process by allowing customers to edit and visualize their own purchased items.

Essentially, customers create their own ‘proof’ and instantly see what the product is going to look like. Sellers can then start processing orders or customers can download and print digital items.

Corjl is a convenient solution for both buyers and sellers!


I am so happy my business found Corjl, I have been selling with them since July. I was converting over my invitations to Editable Adobe PDFs but it was taking forever, and many of my customers were really struggling.”

“Corjl is so user friendly for both sellers and our customers. I can convert one of my invitations over to Corjl in a matter of minutes.”

“They are continuously asking for suggestions from the designers and adding new features. I am very excited to take my business to the next level with Corjl.”

-Brandy, a Top Etsy Seller

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