Design Composition

August 9, 2021

Understanding the building blocks of design can help you when creating works of art.  A lot goes into conscious decision making when making an element one color versus another.  In order to create cohesive compositions, here are three different presentations to aid in this development.


First up is Color Theory.  Colors can have specific meanings in different circumstances as well as in different countries.  It is important to know what colors say when creating a composition,  for example, using black when creating a product for a funeral could be offensive to someone from another country, whereas using another color like yellow or red may be more meaningful.

Click for a presentation on COLOR THEORY

 Second is Elements of Art. The elements of art can help you better analyze, comprehend and relate to your audience.  The elements of art can help bring about a certain effect and emphasis on a certain part of your work.

Click for a presentation on ELEMENTS OF ART


The last tip is in the area of Principles of Design.  The principles of design represent how the artist uses the elements of art to create an effect and to help convey the artist’s intent. 

Click for a presentation on PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN


All of these theories and elements help to create harmonious aesthetics for designs.  Understanding the rules and guidelines of art also aid in breaking them, you need to first understand the rules to know what you are saying when you are breaking them. Take a look below for some design inspiration!