Seller Community – an Interview with Sandra Eide

June 21, 2021

"Corjl was a huge factor for me in creating designs
that I could easily create as passive income digital products."

Here at Corjl we love seeing women entrepreneurs thrive with the goals they set up for themselves to achieve.  This seller success story is by Sandra Eide who is a successful illustrator, creator and entrepreneur.  Please enjoy hearing Sandra’s journey and how Corjl has helped create more time for Sandra to work on other projects, receive positive reviews from her customers and create a good passive income.

“My name is Sandra Eide and I’m a freelance illustrator and designer. I create my own artwork using traditional mediums as well as digitally with photoshop and procreate. 

In my professional business I work on kids books and licensing projects, but decided to also use my time creating designs to sell in my own online shops. I started to find that my favorite process in designing was to make digital prints and greeting cards. 

Throughout the process of developing work for my own online shop I tried a lot of different avenues in finding a seamless way to create a design and then give the customer the ability to customize as needed. I am a huge advocate for “passive income” which in my case means creating the artwork or design and setting it up for sale digitally so that you keep receiving income from it, but don’t ever have to edit or work on the product beyond the first time. Thus money keeps being made, but you don’t have to put anymore time into that product and can continue to work on new products to set up in the same way.

Corjl was a huge factor for me in creating designs that I could easily create as passive income digital products. Essentially my artwork process worked as follows: Create the artwork. Set up the design in Corjl. Link the design with my Etsy shop and list for sale. Customers purchase the product and are given private access to a copy through Corjl’s editing platform where they can edit and print as needed. 

I found that I really enjoyed the process of using Corjl with my Etsy shop and realized my customers were also really appreciating the privacy and ability to customize as soon as they needed. A lot of times with freelance work you have to line up your jobs and can’t get to projects as quickly as customers need, using Corjl took away that extra step of waiting and customizing every print or card individually with specific names/addresses/and information particular to the customer’s special occasion. I also really trusted the process with Corjl and felt comfortable enough with the ease of use that my customers would be able to edit their digital purchases as needed. I have always had a great experience with Corjl for my customizable digital designs.

Along with creating digital cards and prints I also used Youtube to document my tutorials and processes so that other creators can benefit and find the best way to sell to their customers. I’m also branching out to not only show how to sell but how to create products and actually make the art. Just a few years ago I started out by using commercially licensed clipart to create my designs, but then I realized I found a lot more joy in creating the artwork and using my own artwork to create designs. Although. using licensed clipart is a great way to start, I think that having your own unique style and developing your own artwork can really benefit you as a business and as a unique brand. Because with many clipart sites, a lot of people are purchasing the same artwork to sell on similar products. If you like art and designing it’s a really great idea to learn how to draw/paint/create your own illustrations to sell! 

I’m planning to continue rolling out tutorials on Youtube and classes on Skillshare for creators wanting to learn how to start drawing/painting/creating their own artwork and how to sell it!”

You can see Sandra’s current videos on Youtube here as well as sign up for one of her skillshare classes: