New Design Ideas – Rapidly Trending Keywords

March 23, 2020


New, Rapidly Trending Keywords for Printables

More people than ever are spending time online to keep themselves occupied. Here are several new keyword categories you can take advantage of NOW.

Long Term Keywords

Additionally, there are many more printables-related keywords you can use for ideas to drive new traffic and sales. If you have down time, jump in and start creating more designs today!


How to Use this Data

  1. Download and review the list of keywords below
  2. Create new listings based on the keywords or themes below
  3. Drive new sales to your shop


Homeschool Printables – Trending Keywords (700+)

homeschool planner printables
homeschool printables
printable homeschool planner
homeschool report card printable
printable homeschool report card
printable homeschool schedule
confession of homeschooler printables
homeschool christmas printables
homeschool portfolio printables
homeschool progress report printable
homeschool routine printable
printable weekly homeschool planner
homeschool printable worksheets kindergarten
weekly homeschool planner printable
homeschool attendance printable
homeschool weekly schedule printable
loop schedule homeschool printable
homeschool attendance record printable
homeschool goals printable
homeschool grade sheet printables
my homeschool printables
printable kindergarten homeschool schedule
homeschool attendance sheet printable
homeschool binder printables
homeschool creations printable packs

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Home Workout Printables – Trending Keywords (1,100+)

printable workout
printable workout calendar
printable workout log
printable workout plans
printable trx workouts
resistance band workout routine printable
weight machine workout routines printable gym workout plans
printable p90x workout schedule
printable workout sheets
printable workouts pdf
printable p90x workout sheets
printable resistance band workouts
printable workout routines
workout tracker printable
dumbbell workout chart printable
printable dumbbell workout
printable insanity workout calendar
printable kettlebell workout
trx workout plan printable
printable insanity workout schedule pdf
printable workout chart
workout planner printable
daily workout plan by back on pointe printable
insanity workout sheets printable
jillian michaels body revolution workout schedule printable

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Chore Chart Printables – Trending Keywords (1,400+)

chore charts
printable chore charts
chore charts for kids
dry erase chore charts
diy chore charts
roommate chore charts
teen chore charts
chore charts for teens
kids chore charts
weekly chore charts templates
printable chore charts for teens
printable chore charts for kids
chore charts by age
family chore charts templates
chore charts for adults
chore charts for multiple kids
family chore charts
age appropriate chore charts
make your own chore charts
chore charts pictures
sample chore charts
chore charts for 5 year olds
chore charts for toddlers
printable kid chore charts
blank printable chore charts

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Bonus Keywords

Calendar Printables – Highly Popular Keywords (6,600+)

printable calendar
2020 calendar printable
printable calendar 2020
printable monthly calendar
printable blank calendar
printable weekly calendar
2020 calendar printable pdf
october calendar printable
august calendar printable
december calendar printable
january 2020 calendar printable
july calendar printable
november calendar printable
january 2020 printable calendar
june calendar printable
september calendar printable
may calendar printable
printable calendars 2020
april calendar printable
july printable calendar
june printable calendar
march calendar printable
printable january 2020 calendar
2020 monthly calendar printable
printable yearly calendar

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Coloring Page Printables  – Highly Popular Keywords (300+)

printable coloring pages
adult coloring pages printable
printable coloring pages for kids
printable christmas coloring pages
printable halloween coloring pages
printable unicorn coloring pages
printable coloring pages for girls
printable flower coloring pages
printable princess coloring pages
printable thanksgiving coloring pages
cute printable coloring pages
printable animal coloring pages
printable dinosaur coloring pages
printable mermaid coloring pages
printable car coloring pages
printable cat coloring pages
printable coloring pages for boys
printable dog coloring pages
printable easter coloring pages
printable fall coloring pages
printable spiderman coloring pages
printable dragon coloring pages
printable horse coloring pages
printable puppy coloring pages
easy printable coloring pages

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Stickers  – Highly Popular Keywords (10,000+)

aesthetic stickers
car stickers
laptop stickers
cute stickers
water bottle stickers
bumper stickers
sticker printing
vinyl stickers
cool stickers
inspection sticker
sticker paper
wall stickers
inspection sticker near me
nail stickers
funny stickers
hard hat stickers
snapchat stickers
sticker packs
wallpaper sticker
yellow stickers
meme stickers
memoji stickers
planner stickers
skateboard stickers
tire stickers

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