How to Support Small Businesses – Without Spending Money

June 11, 2020

There are many entrepreneurs in today’s world.  Chances are you know someone who has started their own business and has devoted so much time into getting their business up and running.  Supporting small businesses can be really easy and you can do it without even spending money, you may even win a few contests in the process!  



One of the biggest ways to show support is simply by following businesses on their social media pages! Actively liking their posts shows them support and can give them motivation to keep posting content.  Participating in their comments section can also give other followers ideas to follow suit.  Comments do not have to be long thought out comments, but simple questions about their brand and products, to allow them a chance to talk about their business.  Emojis are also always a good idea!

2. Participate in Giveaways

I told you, you could potentially win products by supporting small businesses.  When businesses start they oftentimes kick off their business with a giveaway.  These online giveaways generally begin with social media posts where you need to follow their account, like a picture and tag a friend to be entered in the drawing to win.  (Here’s a hint from someone who wins a lot of social media giveaways: the more names you tag, the more chances you have to win!) Participating in these giveaways by tagging friends for entries helps spread the word about this business and who doesn’t love free stuff!  I have a circle of friends and we all tag each other In contests online and then celebrate together when one of us wins!

3. Write Reviews!

If you have a friend that is starting a business and know them to be a great, responsible and organized person, leave that in the reviews section! Go to their website or even their Facebook Business Page and write a review about the owner.  You don’t always have to purchase products to have a positive customer service experience.  Reviews help to put small businesses on the map and they will surely appreciate it!


4. Share Posts

Showing friends you support them can be as easy as sharing a post.  Click the share button and spread the news of a small business.  A Facebook post, Instagram Story, a text or an email can show all the difference. The post that you share for their business could give them numerous sales, and I bet they even have a referral program (so you get something too!)

5. Word of Mouth

All of these steps can be considered positive word of mouth, but what about direct word of mouth to the business owner.  Just by simply telling the business owner, whether they are your friend, family, or a small company you found online, telling them directly you like their business can go a long way.  Telling them you like their products, customer service, or brand can mean so much to them and give them confidence to keep moving forward.

Times are hard for everyone and these simple steps can mean the world to a small business owner.  When you purchase from a small business, chances are, you are helping out many small businesses within that one too.  Small business owners everywhere do happy dances when their posts receive likes, comments and shares.  Take it from someone who’s audience was only their parents and grandma for years (thank you family!) It means the world when friends and even friends of friends start to follow and support my small business!