The Artist behind the Corjl Free Graphic Assets

November 29, 2022

Corjl recently released a myriad of FREE SVG graphics for sellers to use when designing templates in the platform. These graphics range from categories such as holidays, animals, boarders and frames, shapes, business and corporate icons and so much more! These were hand drawn and created by artist Kevin Palmer!

We wanted to introduce you to Kevin as an asset creator to get to know a little more about him and the assets he has created for many different projects, not just Corjl.

Q: Hi Kevin! Tell us a little about yourself, is drawing your main avenue for design?

My Journey as an artist began as a young child at 6, when I attended a youth program at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Throughout my art path, I was introduced to, and fascinated by, various art styles, ranging from fine art, caricature, animation, comic art, anime and so much more. Many, if not all, of those styles have influenced my work in some capacity. In April of 2005, I decided to follow a couple of my close friends to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Art Institute of Phoenix where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Media Art and Animation.

So, to answer your question, yes, drawing is definitely my connection to design. The more you practice and study your craft consistently you begin to understand internally through experience which is the best teacher.

Q: Would you rather just put paper to pencil or do you like to do research and get inspiration for the work you create?

I find value and effectiveness in using both methods. Though the method of a pencil to paper, making scribbles and quick gestures eliminates the concentration of making something polished and perfect and it gets the brain moving. By laying down these markings you will begin to reshape and redefine and begin to see inspiration magically appear. In today’s age of the internet, you can find an overwhelming sense of inspiration which can give you a nice jumpstart for many conceptual ideas.

Q: What kind of projects have you worked on before? Have they all been related to graphic design or is there other areas of art you like to study?

After I graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2008 I began my freelance journey under my brand company KPStudios. I’ve serviced numerous projects from Children’s Book Illustrations, Caricature Art , Character Design, and Graphic Design work for company branding, pre-production work for independent animated films, advertisements, and music videos, as well as IP development for creatives in Hollywood.

I’m definitely a Multi-Media artist based on my many influences and inspiration to learn new tools and fields of study within the art industry.


Q: The Corjl assets you have created have many different styles and genres. How hard is it to create in more than just one style?

I believe I’ve created so many styles and genres I lost count lol. But to mention off the surface my range of styles consists of flat color images, graffiti, pixel art, rubber Hose, Line Art, Fashion Art, Stain Glass, Modern Century, Anime, Tattoo Art, Art Deco and Retro Art.

Figuring out how to execute with the tools I have to mimic each style is the biggest challenge; however, it brings a lot of internal fulfillment when you are able to accomplish the task. You really have to study the original art style, viewing the ways it’s designed by its own unique line, shape color, texture, etc. Once you lock in you can then apply any subject matter to that style. I’ve been self-trained to be a chameleon designer even tho I do have a core style.

Q: Is there a style you are most proud of that you have done before? Can you share an example of your work with us?

What a tough question to just choose one, Corjl has given me so much new inspiration to explore different styles I never knew about or would even think of trying. I’ll bump it up to a least favorites which are line art, Anime, and Rubber Hose.

Are you working on any other projects right now?

Yes, I have a few big personal projects that are in the works. First, I’m currently developing my own Animated series that will reintroduce Nina Simone to today’s generation. The second project I am working on is developing and pitching three animated shows and a live-action crime drama in partnership with Octobermoon Entertainment. I am also currently in a partnership with Royal Minds Publishing developing children’s books and activity books for young children to help further their education and moral values.

Q: Have you been working on other graphic assets for Corjl 2.0? What kind of art styles can we look forward to using in our designs?

Yes, I’ve been working on expanding the Corjl library in many ways. I’ll be creating seamless tile patterns, silhouettes, western art, facial feature art for user end customization, and so on, the sky’s the limit. I’ll save a few additional surprises for later updates so all users and subscribers stay tuned!