Corjl Security Features

September 3, 2022

One of Corjl’s top priorities is to help YOU protect your assets and designs. We have implemented several features to help maximize peace of mind with Corjl’s advanced security controls


  1. Watermarks

Each listing created in Corjl automatically generates a sharable demo link for your customers to use and “try before they buy.” Within these demo links Corjl already adds a “demo” watermark across the designs to protect the design from anyone that could screenshot the design.


In addition to the watermarks Corjl adds to the entire demo you can also add watermarks to individual assets. You can create your own unique logo as well so it cohesively fits to your brand aesthetic.


2. Lock Layers and Assets

Corjl has great Text Control Options to help protect your designs. You can control every aspect of your text fields including the size of text boxes, font colors, content and more. Only the seller can see the text options section.

Here are the Text Control Options available to your design:

Require Text – will not allow blank text

Lock Size – disables the size drop down and the text handles that allow you to scale the text

Lock Color – disables the color picker

Lock Font – disables the font drop down menu options

Lock Text – disables the ability to type in new text from the top right text area, in-canvas editing, or the “Edit Text” button on mobile

Lock Style – hides the Style Text section so the user cannot change styles that were set (or add new ones). It also removes the rotate handle on the text box

In addition to these locking controls you can also lock layers, so customers cannot move or edit them. The Freeze tool is also able to be utilized so you can “freeze” a layer so it cannot be moved, but it can be edited. In the layers panel you can also choose to “hide” a layer from the customer, but still keep it visible on the design. This helps with any licensed images that you, the seller, do not want edited by the customer.

#3 Color Palettes

To keep your design either on brand or limit the colors your customers can use – you can implement the “Color Palette” feature. This locks the colors on the canvas – so your customer must use the colors that YOU specify!

This also helps keep a design on brand and continues the theme throughout the entire canvas to help customers make quick decisions when personalizing and not have to worry about what colors may look good together.

Lock Color Palette

Color Palette Tool