Classic Font Pairings

June 17, 2021

Classic Font Pairings

Finding the perfect font for your design can be a troublesome task, so where do you begin? There are so many to choose from! Script fonts, brush fonts, big bold fonts, and so many more; but, how do you know what will go best with your design?

A great way to begin is by looking at the theme of your design.  Are you creating a wedding or formal gathering invitation?  If this is the case then you would need a beautiful calligraphic font style! What if you are planning a child’s birthday party? Then that calls for big bolded cartoon fonts which will be a big hit!


No matter the theme you are aiming for – Corjl has got you covered! Here are some of our favorite font pairings for a few different events:


If you are looking to imitate an effortless handwritten brush font then I highly recommend using Charletto Script – it is both fun and elegant. To add a nice formal touch pair it with Linux Libertine Capitals.  Together these fonts will give a perfect harmony of classy and elegant.  If your style is more decorative you can pair any calligraphic, fancy font with many swashes with Linus Libertine Capitals.  This serif font sets the formal tone for your invitation, but does not take away from the text that you intend to be the main event!

Birthday Party Invitations

Celebrating a pre teen’s birthday can be somewhat difficult.  A pre teen is itching to be a teenager, but also not wanting to let go of the carefree life of childhood.  Here we have a perfect mix of cute, comic and curly cartoon typefaces that does not say “goodbye” to childhood just yet.  The first one, Unkempt, has a mature, but fun feel to it informing the audience of what is to come, but the main text of the invitation is, Vanilla, a fun and impactful font that will really set the tone of the party!


If you are establishing a business for yourself you will want to turn your attention away from the curly script fonts and keep your eye on more standard Serif and Paragraph fonts.  Whether you are publishing flyers, business cards or even putting together corporate name tags, professionalism is always best.  When creating a professional header you want your name to be eye-catching-  LibreBaskerville is the perfect serif font that looks professional and impactful.  When it is paired with Roboto you have a perfect corporate business couple working together.

Casual Gathering Invites

Getting together with the girls for mani pedis? Choose a welcoming handwritten font style to invite your friends and family to long awaited get togethers.  Amatic & FrentH1 fonts pair so well together that everyone will think you hand wrote this invite!  Indie Flower is a popular relaxed font that keeps a recognizable handwriting style! Nothing is worse than illegible handwriting, but these three fonts are a terrific trio!