Corjl First Sale Stories

November 1, 2021

There is something so exciting about making your first sale! Whether you are selling freshly squeezed lemonade at a lemonade stand, or your first house as a real estate agent – the feeling just makes you want to do a happy dance! Although, making your first sale can be a mixed feeling of both excitement and slight fear – with Corjl your orders will be automated so you do not have to do any editing yourself – leave it all up to your customer’s imagination! 


We recently asked our Corjl sellers what it was like for them when they made their first sale with Corjl and here is what they had to say:


Shop name: About Inspiration

First listing sold with Corjl: Editable Horse Pony Happy Birthday Greeting Card


“You’ve got a new Order YEAH! I went to look to see what I sold, as I am starting with CORJL I never thought the first order would come that fast. OMG first sale with CORJL! Mixed feelings of happiness and a bit of fear: is it going to work? Did I set up this thing correctly? and indeed! I was currently checking the status to see if the customer downloaded. He/she did and all went perfectly well. I am ready to create more on CORJL!”


Shop name: Midnight Weddings

First listing sold with Corjl: Black and Red Wedding Invitations


“It happened on June 10th, 2021 around 10am. I was getting ready for a job interview and while I was in the process of getting ready I heard the “Cha-ching“! I was in shock and still am. I only had 20 listings so far (working on many, many more though!). I immediately called and texted all my friends to tell them about it. I had only been using Corjl for a couple weeks and was very surprised how fast I made my first sale. Really hoping that this is a sign of great things to come and I cannot wait to do more!”



Shop name: Jill’s Paperie Pronto

First listing sold with Corjl:  Baby Shower By Mail – Vintage Blue Truck Digital Download Invitation


“During the summer of 2020 I finally decided to embrace a “new normal” and adapt my invitation business to offer digital downloads, specifically for “Drive By” and “By Mail” showers and parties.  Soon after, I made my very first sale, a “Baby Shower by Mail” invitation featuring an illustration of an antique blue truck.”


Shop name: Flair Digitals

First listing sold with Corjl: Electronic Halloween editable Party Invitation


“I was nervous about designing a product, but thankfully a course I was on led me through the process and I decided to take the plunge and sign up to Corjl. I think it was the fact it has a demo version that I could add to my listings that convinced me to give it a go. I decided to make a Halloween invite for my daughter to use for her kids party so it wouldn’t go to waste if no one bought it , and so I was elated to hear the “cha-ching” of the Etsy notification when I made my first sale. It was late one evening just after I listed it and I was so tempted to wake my hubby up to share my good news!  I didn’t, but he was really pleased when I told him the next day.”


We LOVE to hear about your hard work paying off! Whether it is your first sale, fifth, tenth or hundredth, every sale is exciting and brings about feelings of great accomplishment! If you are a designer and sell editable templates check out what Corjl is all about and make your first sale today!