Direct Link


This option is only available upon request. Please contact Corjl support to enable this option in your account. Regular per-item order charges apply.

The Direct Link option allows customers to create an order via a URL link provided by you. The link is convenient if you want to provide a ‘freebie’ for your customer base outside of Etsy.

Go to the Info Tab, in Customer Settings check the box that says Direct Link. Copy the provided URL and use the link to post on Facebook, provide in an email, etc. To include multiple items in a direct link, add the design ID to the end of the direct link URL, separated by a forward slash as seen in this live direct link here:

The design ID can be found at the end of the URL when a design is open in Corjl. An order is created when a user creates an account or logs in. So if it’s a new user, the order will be created when they register. If it’s an existing user, the order is created when they login and access the new item.

You will be charged per customer that registers or logs in, so be careful and budget accordingly when using this feature.

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