Layers Panel

Use the layers panel to arrange and manage elements on an artboard. You can lock, hide and group layers. Both your customers and you will have access to the layers panel in the tools panel, but customers will have restrictions if set by you. Keeping a layer locked, but visible is useful when adding photos behind elements.

Lock and unlock text/images using the lock icon in the layers panel. If an object is locked, customers will see it as a layer in the layers panel and can arrange objects in front of or behind the layer, but won’t be able to unlock or select the object on the artboard to edit.

Use the pencil icon to both lock and hide the layer from customers in the layers panel.

Hide elements using the eye icon in the layers panel for your convenience. Customers will be able to hide all layer/elements that are unlocked.Please note that you, as a seller, can access and unlock locked layers when logged into a customer’s order.

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