Sale More, Faster.

Corjl is powerful online editing tool that allows customers to editend preview personalized item. Customer create their own “proof” and can instantly see what the finished product is going to look like.


Digital Design Sellers

With more features than any other personalization software, it’s easy to see why Corjl is the industry standard for editable digital products. With Corjl you can:

  • Create an endless variety of designs.
  • Set designs to be instantly downloaded or for a final proof to be approved for you to print for them.
  • Use Corjl with variations, ensuring customers only have access to the design(s) that matches their order.

Physical Product Sellers

Corjl is the only online personalization tool that is designed to meet the needs of business owners who sell personalized physical products. Features include:

  • The ability to customize an endless variety of items, including clothing, mugs, ornaments, frames, cell phone cases, buttons, and many more.
  • The use of mock images in the design layout so customers can see what the finished product will look like as they edit.
  • Support for product variations, so customers can edit using the correct color or size that fits their specific order.