Create Custom Mug Designs in Corjl

Say goodbye to proofing and let your customers personalize their mug designs online after purchasing. Streamline your shop by eliminating the need to create proofs or personalize mug designs or other products for your customers.  

Make Creative, Editable Coffee Mug Designs for Sale on Etsy

Corjl is an online platform where you, as a seller, can upload and assemble your mug or product designs, then connect them to your Etsy shop. Customers can access and personalize their purchased designs on Corjl right after purchasing. When customers have completed their designs, you can begin processing their order. Your customers will be amazed at how easy it is to edit their items in Corjl and will love being able to access their items immediately after purchasing.

Corjl makes it super easy to make editable mug designs. Here’s how:

  1. Sign-up and connect your Etsy shop by following the prompts.
  2. Upload your images and fonts (or choose from our list of over 600!)
  3. Assemble your designs in Corjl and set up seller controls (Hint: start with your top 5 selling items!)
  4. Set up the design info, so that you’ll be notified when customers have completed personalizing their items.
  5. Update your Etsy listings, connect your designs and start selling!

Once your customers have made a purchase, Corjl will email them with a link to access their design. They can also access their design by going directly to and by entering their email and order number. Your customers can edit, download and print. If you will be printing and shipping to customers, you’ll be able to see when customers have marked their items as complete and ready to process.

Lots of features for both you and your customers.

There are many features in Corjl that you’ll love and that will help you when assembling your mug or product designs:

  • The ability to bulk upload and tag elements
  • Adding color pallets
  • Ability to add extra graphics for customers to choose from

Once a customer has completed their design, you’ll be able to remove the background image (if included), and download the design as a high quality PDF, JPG or PNG.


Works for both printed and digital invitations.

Whether you print and ship items to customers or let customers download and print, Corjl will work for you! If you sell digital invitations, you can allow customers to download and print their items after editing, plus choose which formats they can use when downloading (PDF, JPG or PNG). If you sell printed invitations, you can set up an item so that customers won’t see the option to download and print after personalizing. Instead, they will mark their item as complete, then you’ll be able to see which items are ready to process.


So many product design controls.

You’ve worked hard to create your product designs, so Corjl has created several tools that help protect your designs and give you control over how they are used:

  1. You control which fonts customers see and have access to.
  2. Don’t want something to be editable? No problem! You can disable objects and choose which elements customers can edit or personalize.
  3. In addition, you can include extra images/graphics that customers can choose from to add to their designs.

Customers can demo items before purchasing.

Reduce back and forth messaging about customization by letting customers see if an item will work for them using the Corjl demo function!

  • Customers no longer have to wonder if their custom message will fit. Custom demo links to your Etsy listings and let customers demo items before purchasing!
  • Don’t worry, customers won’t be able to download anything in the demo feature. Additionally, you can include a default watermark, or even add your own custom watermark!

Corjl is easy for customers to use.

Customers will love how simple and easy it is to personalize their mugs or other products, using a computer or mobile device. They can personalize at home, at work or on the go! Additionally, Corjl is a browser-based platform, so there’s no need for customers to download or install any software.