Corjl vs. Canva


Canva is a platform for non-designers with limited features so if you are looking for an alternative to create unique and one of a kind templates to sell then we have the platform just for you! Say goodbye to proofing and automate your shop with Corjl – the fun, editable template Canva alternative for Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy and custom applications that allows your customers to personalize their own invitations, right after purchase!

Create Templates for Sale in your Online Store

Corjl is an online platform where you, as a seller, can upload and assemble your designs, then connect them to your online shop. Customers can access and personalize their purchased design on Corjl immediately where they can edit, download and print! As a Corjl designer you are able to design directly in Corjl – or you can upload your already completed designs into our platform. If you are looking for alternatives from Canva to put designs together we have some options for you! Simply design in another program and the upload your assets to Corjl where you can piece them together to directly sell!

Adobe Programs

The Adobe Creative Suite is one of the more popular Canva alternatives that can be paired with Corjl. Photoshop allows you to manipulate your photos or artwork to then upload to your Corjl template where you can use our image editing tools to complete your overall look.

Adobe Illustrator is another popular program to create vector based artwork to upload into Corjl. In Corjl you can add images to your own gallery for your use and a separate one designed for your customer’s to use.  Adobe Illustrator also gives you the ability to export designs as SVGs. When you upload and SVG to Corjl you are then able to change the colors of the elements

The first designing alternative to Canva that can fit into your Corjl workflow is the Adobe Creative Suite. Popular among Corjl sellers are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  With these platforms you are able to create your assets. Whether you are creating birthday balloons or touching up your family photos they can then be uploaded into Corjl for finalizing the template.

Corel Draw





Corjl was created with DESIGNERS in mind!

There are many features in Corjl that you will love and that will help you when assembling your designs!

  • The ability to bulk upload and tag elements. Tagging helps to organize your assets to make your workflow much easier.
  • Custom art-boards. You can choose the size and add rows and columns to fit the type of design you are creating.
  • Color palette selection. Create your own color palettes for your designs so customers have an easier time choosing a color for their template.
  • Mobile editing
  • Much more!

Downloading is easy and comes with a lot of options. Finished invitations can be downloaded as a single PDF, JPG or PNG, or downloaded as a PDF with multiple copies per page. Customers can choose paper size and can download individual pages, if desired. Also, customers can choose to include bleed and trim marks, if provided by you.

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