Corjl is a powerful customization platform
that unites customers and sellers.

There are Many Challenges With Buying & Selling Personalized Products

There are many challenges when it comes to buying and selling personalized products and digital items in popular marketplaces like Etsy. There is often frustration because of issues related to product visualization and the transfer of information between customers and shop owners.

Customers are instructed to include their personalized message and other details during the checkout process or through a form. For example – the date of the party, a gift recipient’s name or a message to a friend. 

While this sounds like a straightforward process, it’s often the single most difficult aspect of buying or selling personalized items. Revisions, mistakes and miscommunication is common and there are many messages and proofs to manage. Buying and selling personalized products is often not profitable for sellers and can be a difficult process for buyers.

Corjl streamlines & scales the personalization process.

The Solution for Personalized Products

Corjl is a powerful platform that dramatically improves the process of selling and buying personalized products. Customers can instantly personalize their own physical and digital product info. Corjl is also an editor and visualization platform, so no proofs or back-and-forth messaging is needed.

Once an order has been placed, Corjl streamlines the personalization process by allowing customersto edit and visualize their own purchased items. Essentially, customers create their own ‘proof’ and instantly see what the product is going to look like. Sellers can then start processing orders or customers can download and print digital items.

Corjl is a convenient solution for both buyers and sellers!

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