Can I add my own instructions or does Corjl provide instructions for customers?

Create Your Own Instructions as a Design in Corjl

Corjl does provide sample customer instructions for your reference (see Corjl Instruction doc). However, you will also want to create your own instructions as a design in Corjl.

Create a design using images, text and other elements (and your branding) as a design in Corjl. If you want customers to be able to download and print the instructions, make sure you select the format they can download with under the info tab, otherwise leave blank.

Sample ID#

In your design file, locate and copy the design ID #, located at the end of the URL in your browser. This # will be used to identify. Use this number to place into the Instructions box (under the Info tab) for designs you want to include the instructions in.

Place Your Instructions Design ID# in the “Order Instructions” and “Demo Instructions”

Add as many instruction IDs to your designs as needed. You can also set your instructions to be included automatically when creating a NEW design by adding the instructions ID to your Design Settings (upper right hand side, under seller profile). Your customers will be able to view/download the instructions when they access an order. Instructions are also visible in the DEMO view for an item.

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