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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions from top sellers on Etsy, regarding the Corjl platform. See questions about pricing or features below and contact us if you have further questions about getting started or using the Corjl platform.

Can I upload my own fonts?

Yes. Any font can be uploading in the Corjl platform for use in your designs. Be sure to check with the font creator about any limitations regarding server or commercial use, prior to uploading to the platform.

Do you offer off-Etsy integration?

Yes, you can integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce.  The development team is working on many new features that will include other 3rd party integrations. 

What file formats are available for download?

Currently we support PNG, JPG and PDF. We’ll also be adding SVG download options in the near future.

Can I change pricing plans if I sell more than I expected?

Yes. Our pricing options are designed to give you time to adapt at your own pace and to help you get the most value out of the Corjl platform. If you end up selling more items than anticipated, that’s great news – you can switch your plan at any time to optimize your savings!

How does mobile editing work?

Customers can instantly personalize their purchased items (change text and add photos) with a mobile device, including Android and iOS. Most customers on Etsy are iPhone users and Corjl works wonderfully well. 

What can I do during my 7-day free trial

Everything. There is no limit to the number of artboards you create or items you sell during the trial period. We recommend testing Corjl on a few of your top selling items to how it works for you. 

Is Corjl only for digital items?

No. Corjl is designed for both physical and digital product creators. Whether you sell T-shirts or cutting boards, Corjl’s demo feature helps increase sales and the self-editing feature allows customers to create their own proof, dramatically reducing your email.¬†

Let’s Work Together

Is Corjl missing a feature you need for your online shop? Contact our friendly support team today and see if there’s something our developers can do for you. We love building new features that make your life easier and would love to learn more about your unique business needs. Let us know what you’d like to see in the platform and chances are we can build it in a few weeks. Prices won’t go up.