Get Printables – Keyword Data: Zazzle, Etsy & TPT

September 26, 2019

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Abundant Keyword Opportunities for Digital Sellers

Most Corjl sellers offer a variety of digital items – printables that customers can instantly edit, download and print. The Corjl platform is perfectly suited for printable items because of advanced editing capabilities, order management, seller protection and automation features.

Because of this heavy focus on printable items, Etsy labeled Corjl as a Digital listings tool in the Shop Manager Integrations section:

We embrace this label and are expanding Corjl’s printables capabilities because there is an abundance of keyword opportunities for digital sellers. To help you expand your digital inventory, we’ve put together some insightful keyword data from the following three marketplaces:




Google Trends and Crossover Keywords

Each of these sites have great visibility in Google, from both paid and organic traffic sources. Teachers Pay Teachers, in particular, presents some good opportunities. Take a look at this Google Trends Data from the last five years. Notice where it says Related Topics 1-5. The top related topic associated with “printable” is TeachersPayTeachers – Website.

According to Google Trends’ definitions:
Top” – [is] The most popular topics. Scoring is on a relative scale where a value of 100 is the most commonly searched topic and a value of 50 is a topic searched half as often as the most popular term, and so on. [TPT is +400%, over five years]

Zazzle turns out to be the smallest ‘keyword footprint’ among these three sites and the domain has struggled in recent years to remain competitive organically. However, there are some good indicators in the data file that show where resources are being spent towards paid search (Google PLAs).

There is a VERY LARGE keyword crossover between Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy so this is a good opportunity to expand your shop inventory. See download links for data below (data source SEMrush):

Download Printables Keyword Data – Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy & Zazzle (Excel)
>> Download Printables Keyword Data – Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy & Zazzle (Google Sheets)

Top 30 Etsy Organic Keywords (by volume)

  • all about me printable
  • multiplication chart printable
  • printable bookmarks to color
  • months of the year printables
  • multiplication table printable
  • printable numbers 1 30
  • mad libs printable
  • printable protractor
  • place value chart printable
  • decimal place value chart printable
  • elf template printable
  • 5 regions of the united states printable map
  • base ten blocks printable
  • printable number line
  • sticker chart printable
  • printable aphasia worksheets
  • play money printable
  • kindergarten sight words printables
  • hundreds chart printable
  • venn diagram printable
  • printable ruler
  • kindergarten assessment test printable
  • printable hall passes
  • earth day printables
  • printable speech bubbles
  • printable fraction games
  • free printable grade sheet
  • word wall printables
  • printable book template
  • following directions printables
  • VIEW ALL KEYWORDS (17,000+)

Top 30 Etsy Organic Keywords (by volume)

  • printable calendar
  • printable birthday cards
  • printable ruler
  • printable valentine cards
  • printable invitations
  • printable christmas cards
  • printable cards
  • printable christmas games
  • printable world map
  • printable planner
  • mad libs printable
  • printables
  • printable gift tags
  • printable bookmarks
  • printable gift cards
  • daily planner printable
  • printable grocery list
  • printable birthday invitations
  • printable htv
  • printable maps
  • unicorn printable
  • printable stencils
  • printable labels
  • printable christmas tags
  • printable fathers day card
  • happy birthday card printable
  • play money printable
  • printable bridal shower games
  • printable to do list
  • printable baby shower invitations
  • VIEW ALL KEYWORDS (22,000+)

One Last Note about Corjl Seller Protection

With this detailed keyword information in hand, we realize that many Corjl sellers appear in Etsy’s ads as well as in organic search results so we’ve done our best to remove specific listing URLs where possible. We also realize Corjl sellers also have listings in Teachers Pay Teachers and Zazzle and hope the keyword data provided doesn’t exploit your niche but rather helps you expand your shop to find new opportunities.

Also super important to know – this keyword information is provided by 3rd party data (SEMrush and Google Trends) and no seller listing data is ever exploited or analyzed by any member of the Corjl team. We have a strict, internal non-compete agreement at Corjl and will take swift action if you have concerns about any Corjl team member’s handling of your listings and information.

Much love,

-The Corjl Team