Corjl Feature Update! Introducing Variations for Etsy and Shopify

Introducing Corjl Variations

Corjl now works with Etsy and Shopify variations and is automatically synced with your current shop. This means you can offer multiple versions of your item through checkout and Corjl will only show the purchased item.


If you offer variations in your Etsy or Shopify shop (e.g. colors and sizes for an item), your customers will only see the design in Corjl that they chose when purchasing. Additionally, you can choose which instructions will show for the specific purchased item.

Do You Have Variations in Your Shop?

Variation info is automatically pulled from Etsy and Shopify and will only appear in Corjl if it is offered in your online shop. Simply visit the Corjl Listings section and Edit your configurations to get started.


You’ll first need to create individual designs for each product variation, plus any instructions you want to include. Finally, assign them to a Corjl listing.

To edit the variations for a listing, open up the Listing Information in Corjl, then scroll down to the Designsection. You’ll see a column that says Variations and will see the different variation options listed below.


To assign the correct variations to the designs, select Edit Variations (blue button on the bottom LH side). The variations section will then show editable text boxes.


You will need to assign the correct variation to each design (hold CTRL+Click to select multiple options). If you want the design to show in all variations, select All Options. When you’re finished editing your variations, click Save (upper RH side).

When finished, select Close Variations, and the variations options will be displayed.

A Couple More Things to Know


Etsy allows up to two (2) variation options and Shopify allows up to three (3).

Read more about variation limitations on Etsy

Ready more about variation limitations on Shopify


Even if you’re offering digital items as a variation, your item must be listed as a physical item in Etsy.

Why are we doing variations?

Our goal is to make it easier for sellers to organize and manage more variations in Corjl. Now with Corjl Listings and Corjl Variations, you can offer many more choices for your customers through a single shop listing.