Freeze Text Boxes

Freeze the location of a text box, while still allowing customers to change the text. Customers will be able to replace, delete and change the text style, size, etc. but won’t be able to move the location of the text box.





Corjl Listings is a new feature that makes it easier to organize and visually manage your designs by assigning them to Corjl listings that mirror the listings you have in your Etsy and/or Shopify stores. Corjl Listings also make it possible to integrate with variations you may offer in your stores.

Under the Info tab, where it previously said Shop Connections, it now says Listings. You’ll need to connect NEW designs to a Corjl listing by typing in the listing name, instead of the shop ID. If you don’t have an existing Corjl listing for a design, type in the name of the design and click on the save icon (small icon on the RH side of the listing name). This creates a listing. You can attach a design to as many listings as you want (to learn more about creating new listings, scroll down to Creating Corjl Listings at the bottom of this page).

Highlight the text box you want to freeze, then right-click and select Freeze > Frozen. Customers won’t be able to unfreeze frozen text boxes . If you want an image on the artboard to stay in place (not move around), but still be replaceable by customers, you can freeze it (right-click > Freeze> Frozen).

Do not lock or hide the image layer, as your customers won’t be able to select and replace it, if done so.