Get Personalized – Holiday Keyword Data for Etsy

January 20, 2020

Etsy is a Personalized Holiday Marketplace

Every holiday season, there is a predictable pattern of search that happens in Google and leads buyers to Etsy. What’s interesting is the strong correlation between the keywords “personalized” and “Etsy” that occurs every holiday season.

When you look into the keyword data, it’s clear that Etsy is a marketplace for personalized holiday items and gifts, at least for shoppers coming from outside of Etsy through Google.

The peak season for “personalized” holiday items occurs between late October through December and is clearly visible in this Google Trends Data. This probably is not a surprise to long-time Etsy sellers. But to newcomers, knowing that outside shoppers are buying personalized holiday items on Etsy is an insight that can lead to sales opportunities.

Top Holiday Shopping Keywords

Using this predictable shopping behavior, sellers can profit by offering personalized items every holiday season. But what keywords/items should you list in your shop? Take a look at Etsy’s advertising behavior over the last several seasons.

Google Ads (PPC) from November 2015-2018

Etsy spent a tremendous amount on Google Ads placement that focused on the keyword “personalized” during the 2015 holiday #EtsyGifts campaign. In later years, Etsy’s Google ads spend dropped significantly. However, we gathered some historical rich keyword data for the month of November 2015-2018, which you can download from the links below:

Top 20 Etsy Google Ads Keywords, Sorted by Volume (Nov. 2015)

  • personalized christmas ornaments
  • personalized wedding gifts
  • personalized napkins
  • personalized cutting boards
  • personalized diaper bags
  • personalized planners
  • personalized cutting board
  • personalized name necklace
  • personalized action figures
  • personalized bridesmaid gift
  • personalized fortune cookies
  • personalized snow globes
  • personalized teacher gifts
  • personalized growth chart
  • personalized anniversary gifts
  • personalized wooden signs
  • personalized bar signs
  • personalized hangers
  • personalized charm bracelets
  • personalized housewarming gift
  • VIEW ALL KEYWORDS (1,700+)

Google Shopping (PLAs) from November 2016-2018

Similar to the 2015 holiday push, Etsy spent significant advertising dollars on Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in November 2018. This data is also useful for discovering what “personalized” items drive the most search volume to Etsy from Google search. Note the difference in Google PLAs vs. Google Ads:

In a Sept 10, 2019 investor meeting, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman stated that they spend the majority of their marketing dollars in Google PLAs and will now be passing along much of those costs directly to sellers through new Etsy Ads which combine Google PLAs with former Etsy Promoted Listings.

Top 25 Etsy Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Sorted by Volume (Nov. 2018)

  • personalized christmas stockings
  • personalized necklaces
  • personalized baby gifts
  • personalized baby blankets
  • personalized license plate
  • personalized dog collars
  • personalized gifts for him
  • personalized easter baskets
  • personalized wedding gifts
  • personalized name necklace
  • personalized stamps
  • personalized keychains
  • personalized wine glasses
  • personalized cutting boards
  • personalized bracelets
  • personalized backpacks
  • personalized water bottles
  • personalized rings
  • personalized door mats
  • personalized napkins
  • personalized beach towels
  • personalized gifts for kids
  • personalized picture frames
  • personalized wallets
  • personalized flasks
  • VIEW ALL KEYWORDS (10,000+)

One Last Note about Personalization

So what’s the big deal about the keyword “personalized” and personalization in general? In a 2015 study by Deloitte entitled “Made to Order – the Rise of Mass Personalisation“, several important discoveries were made regarding consumers’ awareness and behavior related to purchasing personalized goods (see image below).  The top category of both consumer awareness and past purchase behavior turns out to be holidays.

With this new keyword data in hand, now is the time to leverage Etsy’s popular personalized holiday marketplace. If you want to gain a serious edge on your competition this holiday season, automate proofs for both physical and digital items using Corjl and give your customers more options to instantly personalize – through mobile or desktop devices. You’ll save time and money, increase sales and productivity and provide a great customer experience.