Etsy CEO Josh Silverman – Discussing Free Shipping & Etsy Ads

October 1, 2019

Etsy Ads and Free Shipping – Why the Changes this Year?

There has been a lot of discussion around new Etsy Ads. Most of the response from the Etsy community has been negative. The return on ad spend is not nearly as high for many. For some, it has been slightly better.

We’ve got some Etsy Ads insights and data we’ve been gathering from our community and have a lot more to say about this topic. But first, some perspective can be gained from hearing Josh Silverman’s point of view on this directly.

In a shareholders meeting with Deutsche Bank, Sept 10th, 2019, Josh provides some insights into why he feels free shipping and Etsy ads were implemented. He also provides some discussion about recent acquisitions of Reverb and Blackbird. Listen in to the discussion:

Etsy’s stock price has risen 600% (roughly) since Josh took over as CEO. Good for shareholders but is this good for the seller community?