How We Got Started

Etsy is home to millions of buyers and sellers who are looking to either purchase or sell creative products. It’s home to nearly two million creative entrepreneurs who work hard to make their business a success.

One of the most time-consuming things about selling on Etsy is the back and forth emails for creating and customizing products and the time it takes to get orders in the hands of customers. Managing the personalization details adds one more layer of complexity to the process.

Here’s a typical custom order process on Etsy:

        • Customer selects personalized product on Etsy
        • Customer sends message in Etsy checkout notes field (or separate message/email) with order details like name, color etc.
        • Seller generates a proof or messages back confirming order details and timeline
        • If revisions are needed, customer changes product details
        • Seller creates another proof or messages to confirm order again
        • Customer waits for product to be shipped, and so on…

We Knew There Was a Better Way

We saw a need to make this process not only easier for Etsy sellers but also customers. This is how Corjl was born. Corjl gives Etsy customers the ability to personalize their own digital or physical products in a few easy steps. Then they can complete their orders or print their own products from home.

This eliminates the back and forth, miscommunication on orders and gives Etsy sellers time back to focus on growing their business. We are passionate about helping you grow your small business. Check out some of our Etsy Seller Tools and Resources

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