How it Works for You
When setting up a design, go to the info tab and scroll down to Customer Options. You’ll see a section entitled Order Expires. Choose whether or not you want the item to expire and how many days you want the item available to your customer (1,3,7,14,30,60,90,180,365 days). You can also set up an expiration date that will apply to all newly created items in your Settings.

How it Works for Your Customers
When customers login to Corjl, they will see their purchased items until the items expire.

Benefits to You
Adding expiration dates gives you another level of control.

Benefits to Customers
Customer’s accounts won’t be cluttered with items they no longer need.

Important to note
It’s important to note that once a design has expired, it cannot be restored. If your customer needs access to the design, you will need to add it to their account.

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