Etsy Sellers are Busy

Not only are they busy, they are also multi-talented beyond belief. Days consist of a multitude of tasks that range from answering customer inquiries to crafting to running to the post office.

Etsy sellers share other commonalities:

      • A deep love for what they create
      • An immense amount of heart poured into their work
      • A uniqueness for drawing inspiration.

Let’s take a peek at a typical day for three different Etsy sellers:

1 :: MEET JENNY ::

Jenny is the owner of Wishing Well Workshop. She starts off her day with “a cup of coffee, a cat or three, and time in my studio.”


Jenny with her cat Ezekiel

Zina “helping” Jenny create magic in her studio

One of Jenny’s beautiful polymer clay art sculptures – a succulent fairy cottage.


Jenny sells beautiful polymer clay art. She’s been in love with this material for over 25 years. She explains, “I love offering all things sweet and whimsical… each of the sculptures I make is created with a customized, hand-mixed color palette, so each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure.”

She further explains, “My favorite sculptures to make are tiny little cottages with hand-sculpted gardens mounted on natural lake stones from my favorite spot in Montana.” She crafts each piece with delicate care and she has an eye for perfection. 

Her day then continues on to include photography, packing and shipping, marketing, updating her Etsy site when a new and carefully crafted project is ready to be sold, and video production. Evenings are focused on her husband and cats.

On top of all this, Jenny works at a local picture framing shop, and she teaches clay art classes.

Jenny draws inspiration from her active imagination, “I’m drawn to natural elements… and often incorporate those elements in my art.” Fun tidbit: Jenny gift wraps every single item she sells!

Humaira is the owner of Stamptations. She begins every day by checking her orders and making sure her inventory is stocked to fulfill all orders that might come in. She then moves right into completing projects that are in progress and beginning new projects.

Humaira creates hand-stamped personalized jewelry. She’s no stranger to creating jewelry—she’s been crafting items for family and friends since childhood.

A personalized bracelet, hand stamped and crafted by Humaira

Humaira not only takes pride in her work, she also takes pride in packaging and shipping her items… another task you can often find her doing. As you might have guessed, Humaira has very little wiggle room, but she also juggles chores and family time.

Her passion for creativity and simplicity, along with creating pieces that express feelings and emotions are what keep her going.

Fun tidbit: Humaira’s favorite items to stamp, craft, and sell are personalized pet memory bracelets.


Kristi is owner of KnotSense. Kristi begins her days by getting her three children ready for school. She then tackles magazine work—she’s a freelance magazine editor. She’s also a CNA family caregiver. 

Kristi and her crafts at an Autism Resource Fair

Every morning she also looks at what orders need to be created and/or shipped. Anything that needs to be mailed, she takes care of immediately.


Kristi creates sensory aids, fidgets, and a plethora of knotted accessories. Her items are functional, fun, and many are created to help with tactical sensory input when holding them. Not only do her items help those who have sensory issues, they also aid children and adults who have autism. 

An intricate knot tied by Kristi. Celtic knots are inspired by her Irish heritage and by
her grandmother who taught her to tie this particular knot.


Kristi’s afternoons consist of making products, SEO, photography, participating in trainings, and taking care of her kids when they come home from school. She then goes back to work after she’s tucked her children into bed.

With so much on her plate, what keeps her going? Humor. What else keeps her going? Making a difference in the lives of those who benefit from sensory items and having the full support of her family.

Fun tidbit: Kristi’s family cheers every time they hear her phone make the ‘cha-ching’ sound—a notification signifying an Etsy sale was made!

While days are busy and consist of a multitude of necessary activities to keep their businesses running at full steam, Etsy sellers are some of the most passionate and caring people you’ll ever do business with.

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